Also flexibility - either clients can have a single point of contact through which to engage lawyers throughout Europe, or a personal introduction to law firms in foreign jurisdictions, so that clients can feel comfortable with and assured in the service that they are to receive.

All the member firms offer a partner led - not necessarily "partner does" - service; the firms ensure that clients have continuity of contact and are not passed from one lawyer to another.

TELFA members are sensitive to cultural differences and work hard to frame their advice in a way that is understandable, practical and "digestible" by their clients.

The member firms share resources, knowhow and best practice whilst respecting the different requirements made of each firm by its local "bar rules".

For TELFA clients this means that TELFA is not just a referrals network that operates like a brokerage clearing house; rather the TELFA brand stands for personal service, facilitating clients' needs for advice in what may be unfamiliar jurisdictions, so as to ensure the client feels safe in the knowledge that the firm is respected (and respectable) within their local jurisdiction.

Examples of how we work together

  • Member firms from 9 jurisdictions were asked to pitch for work from a large US entity which required a review of its employment terms and conditions and employment policies. The pitch document was drafted so as to identify all the lawyers from each jurisdiction who would work on the project, giving the client a photograph and CV for each lawyer. The work was co-ordinated through the UK as the client's preferred language was English, it wanted harmonised documents and the client wanted one point of contact for the project.
  • Member firms responded to a survey being done on behalf of a European institution. The Request was circulated and the methodology for responding agreed which resulted in a TELFA submission being put forward on behalf of the Member firms, but the responses and information required was sent by each Member firm independently to the body running and responsible for collating the information because this cut down the time taken and allowed the institution to run the project in the most efficient way for them.

TELFA firms can draw on and leverage the expertise and experience of its members so as to respond effectively and flexibly to the demands made by clients.